Streetcar Sundays – 124

Tomorrow I will have a post that independent spanking producers will probably love. Over the weekend I spent about 8 hours in total building pages for clips4sale sites and I am really happy with how they look. Currently there is a spanking party going on so I won’t launch this until tomorrow, and the reason for that is because it will allow producers a chance to pull out if they don’t want the free promotion.

Each producer may have their own plan for their own promotions so they might not want it for business, personal, moral or ethical reasons, so I will give them a chance to tell me so and there will be no questions asked. By tell me so I mean that they simply have to tell me to remove them and I will do so without questioning it. Most will probably want the free promotion but others may have their own philosophical reasons for not wanting the promotion. Either way, come back tomorrow and I will show you what I have been creating.

The MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic this week comes from Saranac Lake, NY in 1955. This is another recent find that falls into the really good selection of streetcars spanking images as I am sure you will all agree. Click on the image for the larger version.


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