Streetcar Sundays – 123

The post that I made yesterday obviously proved to be very successful, as I expected it to be. It is sat atop the list of the most popular posts which is data that is gathered over a 24 hour period. Check out GRACE’S BEDTIME SPANKING if you haven’t already, it is a corker of a spanking video.

Also, and this might be pleasing to a lot of you, though I also understand that there will be many who don’t like it even before they have read it, but I have completed part three of the highly popular MOTHER SPANKS SERIES!! The first two parts of this series are the most popular stories on this website by a country mile, however, I feel that part 3 will be battling them for most read story come the end of 2020. Now while the story has been written, it is basically sat in its unedited first edition format. Normally I just write and write without going back, and then the next day I review the story and flesh it out. Right now the story sits at 5,000 words, but by the time it is finished, ready for posting tomorrow, it will probably be at around 6,000 words.

My intention had been to write part three of the story and then call it quits, basically because the enjoyment of writing the story had been sucked out of me to some degree. With that said though, what I wrote about yesterday wasn’t actually something that was in my original plans. So how I had originally planned to finish the story up, hasn’t even taken place yet. That means that there will in fact be a part four, and who knows, perhaps a part five. You will see at the end of part three that it finishes up the same way as parts one and two, meaning that there are still unresolved spankings yet to take place, and there will be the opportunity as usual for the general audience to have a say in how the story progresses.

Part three of the story was never in my original plans, it was created by people filling out the form and telling me what they wanted to see in part three, so I happily obliged. The story will be posted tomorrow, so if that interests you then please come back then to read the story. You can catch up with PARTS 1 AND 2 in the interim.

You think that it ends there? Oh heavens no, we are now onto our weekly MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic.

When you have been collecting for as long as I have, you get to a point where you think that you have already found all of the really good Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pics. You keep looking though because there is always a chance that something you have already posted, may well have been reposted in a format that is far superior to the previous version. Then again, you keep looking because you may well find a new, spanking good, unseen pic that is not in your collection.

It is possible that my fellow collectors might have found this image already, or it could be that I have personally discovered a brand new addition to the Men Are Like Streetcars spanking family. That is of course of little relevance. What is relevant is that the latest Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic that I found is brand new to me, and it is a corker. After a barren spell with searching, this is one of two new Streetcars spanking photos that I found yesterday.

From Willard, Ohio in the 1958 yearbook, which normally means that the play was performed the year prior, I present to you my latest find which I am sure you will agree is a cracker of a spanking photo. I just love the 1950s outfit that Linda is wearing as Jack spanks her. Those are their real names, but I personally prefer not to post the full names of the participants. That information can be easily found though. I’m sure that the both had fun in rehearsals by the looks of it.

4 thoughts on “Streetcar Sundays – 123

  1. Yes sir her skirt and overall outfit amazing. Makes me wonder what was underneath??

    I can’t wait for the next installment and if you do inclined please keep them coming. Live reading good spanking stories. Can’t wait.
    Thanks and regards

  2. I think that we both know what is underneath 🙂 It doesn’t matter what the real answer is, our answer will always be better, lol.

  3. I look forward to the next part of the story and you really do find some great mainstream spankings i do think his expression and his spanking hand seemed to say he must of had some experience in being a spanker and it is a great find.the directionally caught the spanking position and I love rehearsal pictures as a better find because they are in more relaxed clothing (I always remember a cheerleader getting spanked in the rehearsal and what a great find that I thought it was.) Your direction to spanking videos was also good so thank you for finding some great spankings as well. Have a great day.

  4. Thank you very much, Jim. The photo that I found I thought was a real gem, there is something about that skirt in particular that is delightful. Now I will say up front that in the image itself it doesn’t actually say that it is a rehearsal spanking. From the pose itself I would hazard a guess that this photo was taken specifically for the yearbook, though it could have also been taken during a rehearsal, or at least a read through, that is just my guess anyway.

    In regards to the story it should be posted within the hour. I just need to do a read through once more to see if I need to add anything.


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