Streetcar Sundays – 102

Thank you to those of you who submitted a question to me for a post. What I have done is create a new page solely for QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS which you can see by clicking on the highlighted text. Whenever I get a total of four or five questions then I will make a new post answering them. My goal here is to get some reader involvement and interaction. Right now I have three questions all ready to answer,  so if anyone wants to ask a question then just enter it in the box below that says  ‘Your answer’  and click submit. If I get one more question then I will have the next Q and A post ready to go. This will be my last time leading a post with this box,  any future additions of the box will be at the bottom of a post when I already have questions and I just need 1 more to make a post.

Now it’s time for my weekly MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking post.

This week we are going back to 1952 to Traverse City,  Michigan. The image this week is from a newspaper so it isn’t going to be the clearest pic on the market,  but what I have done for you as well is include the entire newspaper page that the image was featured in. Both the spanking image and the newspaper image are huge images,  so what you need to do is click on each one if you want the full sized copy of each. Coincidentally,  one of the questions that a reader submitted is asking me where I get my pictures from,  so that answer will be on the next Q and A. There are multiple free sources out there,  but this particular image came from a newspaper archive subscription that cost me $80.

The image below has been posted before,  in fact I have posted it myself,  but I think that this is the first time that it has been posted with the newspaper commentary to go along with it. If you click on the full newspaper page you will also see a rather interesting piece asserting that President Harry Truman is above the law,  rather appropriate as the current person in the White House appears to take a similar stance.

2 comments to Streetcar Sundays – 102

  • jimc

    i seem to have trouble with your Q and A page as my computer cannot open it. I do not know since it is a family computer there are some blocks that are on that i cannot defeat. My computer experience is limited at best and i cannot ask anyone in my family for help on this. I do love your site and all you share and truth be told i was out of town when your first Q and A post appeared and i did not even see it until it was too late. Thanks for all you do with the scene in your research and your sharing of all the spankings that were. I do enjoy the histroy and of course seeing some of my age spankings as well as other eras. Have a great day.

  • Richard Windsor


    Thank you for your support. Occasionally I do try to get some reader involvement with my finds without resorting to ‘Begging for likes’ 🙂 Even so, I am always appreciative when someone leaves some positive feedback for the effort that I put in, so a big thank you to you for that. Positive encouragement only serves to help others continue with their progress.


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