Sorority Spanking Sundays –7

Yesterday I got myself into a real snit and I’m so glad that I had the Pixiemeister to talk to. The thing is, I know that I shouldn’t, I understand the nature of blogging in the spanking world. For many of us the goal is to bring unique spanking content, which is why after all that I dug into my pocket to bring you all of my classics, let alone the countless hours upon hours that I have put in to find this material. So let me state it and hopefully I can let it go, I totally understand that other bloggers and posters have no interest in how much I have paid or the length of time that I have invested in this project. If I’m lucky, some folks will link to me so that I can get the traffic, which, quite frankly, I think I deserve. That’s if I’m lucky!! For the most part I understand that any picture that I post that any and all indications that I was the one to do the research to find this material will be eradicated from the picture. I made the decision a while ago to put my website address in a non intrusive location, fully aware that it can be cropped out or altered out of the picture in a matter of seconds. Anything that will alter the pic enough to ensure that I don’t get the credit for it. I get it, I understand.

Does it mean that I won’t get mad? Of course not. In fact it pisses me off to no end that I have spent so many hours doing this, only to watch it change in moments to make sure my name is removed from a pic. Perhaps more so that I witness it happen in a deliberate manner, that people will actually edit my name out themselves. I’m not worried about how much I have paid, though I will be honest that it annoys the snot out of me that I paid for the material for other people to claim it. So this will be the last time that I mention it, I have accepted that the practice from now on will be to remove my name as the source of the pic. I’ll continue to put it in a non intrusive location as I don’t want to ruin any pics for all of you. After all, that is why I put my hand in my pocket in the first place.

So am I mad? Yeah, truth is I am, in fact I am fucking seething. But after having dropped a litany of F-bombs on Pixie yesterday, I can now let it go. Like I said, if I am lucky there will be some people who recognize just how much work I have put into this and they will ensure that I get the credit that I deserve for my efforts.

Okay, that is done, now it’s time to bring you an absolute sorority spanking classic, a really unique find coming up.

Nearly all of the sorority spanking classics are staged pics, but not this one!! In this classic picture you can see the full swing of the paddle by the house mother just before it makes contact with Eleanor’s bottom. It makes you wonder, right, just how much was that paddle REALLY used? I have included the pic as it appears originally at the bottom, but as it was small I have tried to enlarge it for your enjoyment. Truly a classic.

6 comments to Sorority Spanking Sundays – 7

  • Yes,there are quite a few “small”folks out there who will take anything not nailed down. Life goes on. I started putting watermarks across the bottom on pictures that I took. That put an end to it. No pun intended.

  • Richard Windsor

    Unfortunately,Bogey,a watermark is easy to crop out. Heck,I have often wrote about the first pic that Pixie and I took together and the very next day it was being posted as some guy claiming it was him with his neighbor 🙂

  • Bobbie Jo

    I appreciate all that energy you have put into this,Richard. I enjoy what you post and it is unfair that people take advantage. That can’t be changed,frustrating though it is. Sometimes it just plain helps to rant about things. I look forward to your next post.

  • Alexandrea


    I have loved your sight and your work since the days I became a member at So I say rant and bitch away because you worked very hard for the content that you put up for people like me to enjoy. I say you deserve your recognition. Maybe we need to form a spanking possy to hunt down these theieves and teach them a lesson! Just a thought,but I love you and your work! Take care my friend…

  • Maria White

    “Everyone seems to be enjoying it but Eleanor.”And so it should be;a spanking should be great fun for all present,except possibly the guest of honor.

  • Another fine vintage sorority spanking pic –and yes,this was a real swat,all right! Love it.

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