Sorority Spanking Sundays – 58-A

If you are here just to take the pics, pay attention because there are two classic pics posted in this post. To save bandwidth I use a plugin called Lazy Load which allows me to post the pics nearly full sized. If it interests you to know, a pic will only be seen when you scroll to it. It saves lots of bandwidth because currently there are 21 pics on the first page, and when a visitor arrives here the website will only “load”the first pic that they scroll to, as opposed to loading all 21 of them upon arrival. Just a little trick to save acres of bandwidth. So remember, if you are only here for the pics and not for my ramblings then scroll down to snaffle them both.

As you will tell from my lack of posting it has been an incredibly busy week. In our New York office I am left as the only member of my department and while I already know that I am out of there, work couldn’t be busier. I’m guessing that there is probably three months work left, six weeks before we merge and another six to eight weeks of transition. Call me foolish if you like, but I actually hold out hope that there will be a rainbow at the end of it. It won’t be with the new company, but perhaps there is a chance with the offshoot company which I wasn’t originally needed for. I’m putting in sixty plus hours a week right now which confirms that there is a need. So we will see how it goes. Of course there is the additional issue that some individuals in the working environment treat me with as much contempt as some of my fellow spanko’s do. What can I say, not all corporate environments go for a 50 year old man wearing earrings and covered in tattoos! There is a happy medium though because I am a grafter and I’m dependable. As an example, whilst our office is shut tomorrow, I arranged something for Monday where I have to give up my day off to go in and work on a critical issue. It will all work out in the end I am sure.

Now with that said, it is painful that I am not able to go to the Vegas party in February. I would really like to go but I am at that age where I act all responsible and shit, lol. Come April I have no idea what is going to happen, for all I know I could get a job in California. The thing is, I just don’t have a security blanket of knowing what is going to happen so I have to be responsible. Can I afford to go to Vegas? Definitely!! I’m a bit of a math wiz and I have my taxes worked out already and it would make Vegas very doable, but at this stage I think it would be foolhardy to spend money that I might need in a few months.

Just yesterday I was texting with ellee and I mentioned as much that Vegas is possible, but she’s as sensible as I am and knows pretty much that I won’t be going. As much as I would like to go I have to practice patience and know that I will get to see my favorite people at the BBW party. Four months without elleebutt is a long time though. At the Christmas party I decided against staying at the house party knowing that I could get to play with ellee at the party itself. At the time that I made that choice I pretty much knew that I was going to being made redundant so I wasn’t mentally prepared for it really, then just a couple of days before the party I got the word about my redundancy so it was the right choice at the right time. I guess that it didn’t occur to me that there would be four months between events for me though. In a way it made the anniversary spanking that I gave to ellee that much more important for me, something very happy, and it gives me something to look forward to in April. I’m sure I will have moments of weakness where I say to myself that I can still make Vegas, it is just a matter of whether I have the willpower to make the decision that I know is the right one. Getting old and acting responsibly sucks, lol.

So on to this weeks Sunday pics. I’m going old school today and reverting back to the SORORITY SPANKING SUNDAY’S that I moved over to my vintage blog six months ago. There are already three new sorority pics posted over on my vintage site today which you can see RIGHT HERENow the reason that this post is called 58-A is simple. I can’t call it 59 because by next week I will forget that I posted number 59 here and I will post 59 on my vintage site anyway.

The first pic is a fantastic contribution made by O.H. What makes this picture especially nice for me is that it is from my neighborhood. Forest Hills is a very short walk from where I am and is the next neighborhood over to my one. What is just as interesting is that Iris St no longer exists. I’m going to guess that because Forest Hills isn’t very big, that it was replaced when Union Turnpike was built. The second pic shown here I have no information on, it was a grab from Ebay that had no additional information posted to it. Enjoy!!

These two pics will be added to my WINDSOR’S SORORITY SPANKINGS folder which already has 65 classic sorority spanking pics in it. Check it out by clicking on the highlighted text above.

1938 $_3

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