Roommate Spanking

The picture below asks a question,  remember when a roommate feud would end in a spanking? Unfortunately I don’t,  and I’m 52 years old!! Obviously it even predates me. However,  I have quite often thought that Landlord’s should take a more paternal role with their lodgers.

I’m finally back now by the way,  I needed a break completely due to my family situation but now we have to move on. Perhaps tomorrow when I post the Sunday classic I will share some thoughts on what I expect in the coming year. Other than Pixie’s panty clad bottom squirming all over my knee the other week,  I haven’t played for eighteen months,  and eighteen months ago it was Pixie as well. I became totally disheartened with the spanking scene to a point that it was no longer enjoyable. So somehow this year I need to put back all of the things that used to do it for me,  namely the fun aspect of it.


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  • js666

    Even today, however, I think I’d be less surprised at two girls settling an argument by spanking than by putting on the boxing gloves and duking it out, which is what the caption suggests.


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