Old time movie spanking stills

These would normally go on my vintage blog,however,I have a never ending supply of these pics so snaffling ten for this website is no big deal 😉 Also,check today’s updates on Oldspankingpics where I have added some rare 1950’s girl/girl pics,and also check Spankingpics where I have uploaded a set of a lady getting caned in her jeans.

In this first pic we have Elvis and Jenny Maxwell,and I SO wish that I could get a copy of this pic without the writing across the middle!! This was obviously one of the rehearsals,or just a spanking for old times sake. Either way,they both seem to be enjoying this.

This pic is actually Ginger Rogers and after studying the movie ‘Professional Sweetheart’,the guy does look like Norman Foster. In the film they are both wearing different clothing but who cares,this is a great pic.

This one I have no info on other than what is written on the photo. I snaffled this from the same yahoo group that grabs my finds by the dozen 😉

Here are 2 publicity stills from ‘Saddle Tramp’featuring Joel McCrea and Wanda Hendrix.

Being that Natalie Wood was in the film below,I wonder if she volunteered for rehearsals 😉

One of my favorites from ‘Nice Girl’with Robert Benchley doing the honors.

I’m getting tired so I will just post the rest of the pics and update the writing tomorrow 🙂

4 comments to Old time movie spanking stills

  • Richard the lone wolf and the lady lone wolf is a detective film series from 1930s and 1940s .great photos best wishes ,tim .

  • john

    The actor is Alan Mowbray,the actress is Collette Lyons.

  • Any information on the last picture?


  • Richard Windsor

    Hey Chross,the bottom picture isn’t actually from a movie spanking,it is from a spanking set from a publication. I probably have the whole set somewhere and I will post in on oldspankingpics when I get the chance.

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