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About a year ago Web-Ed from the Chicago Spanking Review sent me a newspaper cutting of Robert Goulet spanking Carol Lawrence which was the best version I had seen to date. I had already posted a couple of copies myself which Chross had spliced together into one pic for his own site. Well finally on Ebay the actual picture has been posted however there is a pretty decent watermark on the pic. I know Chross has been known to spend a good amount of time cleaning up pics like this and removing the watermark, so hopefully he will do this one for you as well. It is something that I can do myself but I will be honest, it is really time consuming. Anyway, here is the Ebay pic and the pic that Web-Ed sent me as well.

Don’t forget that I am also adding pages for the girls that I play with. Amber Grey has just been added along with Amber Pixie Wells and Ellee Evergood.

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3 comments to Finally The Pic

  • This should not be too difficult;the position of the watermarks is rather convenient 🙂

  • NJSpank

    I so remember this and remember him talking about it on the Mike Douglas Show.

  • Scott S

    Hi Richard!

    Love your sites. The above video came on when I was a kid…I remember it being a very sound spanking and the dress Ms. Lawrence was wearing did not seem to have ANY padding. It sounded like a bare bottom spannking! If anybody could find that clip theyd see it was one of the best ever. Keep up the good work.
    Scott Starr

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