A Peaceful Weekend

There are times when we all shut down for a bit,and this weekend is one of those times for me. Work has been insanely busy this week and my only goal is to veg out,catch up on some overdue DVD’s,watch the English soccer on Saturday morning and perhaps write a story this weekend.

When I posted this pic a few years ago I was asked if it was really John Lennon in the pic. Well here is a much better version that clearly shows that it is indeed John Lennon. Just click on it to see. 

As I have mentioned before,I am on the process of writing a book. My original goal was to write one long story but I have changed my mind on that. The most popular stories that I write are the lighter ‘Birthday spanking’stories,which gave me an idea to write an entire book on a collection of birthday spanking stories. I already have the start to three stories,all of which will be expanded into proper short stories. Those stories are “Birthday Spanking For Laura“,“A Simple Birthday Spanking”and “Need A Ride Home

Talking of birthday spankings,here are a couple of vintage ones. The second pic is from 1919.

Aside from the three stories listed above the pics,I also have ideas already for other stories to write. There is room for more though,so at the bottom of this post you will see a questionnaire where you can offer me suggestions as to what type of birthday spanking you would write about. Here is a list of other ideas that I am planning on writing. First of all I will expand the “Laura”story and include a birthday spanking for her mom,then add one for her friend who hears about it and is overly excited about the thought of getting a spanking. My favorite idea,and perhaps what will be the ‘longest’short story,will be about a college grad going to work in a post grad office which has an unusual practice when it comes to someones birthday. I also have stories planned for the Camp Counselor,The Lodger and The Babysitter. Add your thoughts at the bottom though and who knows,perhaps something will catch my eye and I will write a story based on your thoughts.

Image having these plates on your birthday!

In other news,I had recently told you about my Spanking Pics blog getting tagged by Google with an adult warning page. In a nutshell,by getting the adult warning page I no longer get traffic from Google itself,and because this blog has been around for so long that meant that I was getting 500 visitors a day from Google searches alone. So just imagine that,the site now gets 500 less visitors a day. Not to fear though,I am going to transfer the site to my own domain,which may not be as bad as it first seems. Being that Google had already zapped my account once before,I had already backed it up on my domain,so all I need to do is update the transfer and then build the site where it can be viewed in a presentable manner. It should only take a few hours and while my goal had been to do that this weekend,I’m probably going to chill out this weekend and build the site next weekend.

So that is about it I think,have a look at the questionnaire underneath this final pic if you have any thoughts that you would like to share in regards to what you think might make a good birthday spanking story.


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