A creature of pure vision (12 Class A pics)

That is how I like to refer to myself as,not because I see myself as a visionary,but because the visual aspects of spanking are to me as important as the spanking is itself. In a short while I will be doing other posts along this vain,whether they be about clothing,uniforms or positions,etc;for today though we are going to go back to yesteryear. If you have come here from Chross’blog then you might also want to check out this vintage 1970’s spanking clip that I have posted on my vintage site.

Now I know that I have a vintage site and these pics perhaps better belong there,but there was a reason that I started the vintage site in the first place,and that is my love of vintage spanking erotica. These 12 pics I went gaga over when I discovered them,and I literally have 1000’s of vintage spanking pics anyway,so posting a few here isn’t going to hurt the vintage site any 🙂 You must click on each pic to get the full sized version!!

The first pic was inspired by two adorable girls who have just started their own website. Over the weekend,probably on the spankingpics website,I am going to write a review of Audrey and Abigail’s new website http://spankthatbrat.com but this is how I see their relationship so far. Can you not see and feel the love in the submissive eyes?

This next one is full of intrigue. Is the girl dreaming? Is she awaiting her turn to whip the submissive? Is she awaiting her turn to be whipped? Either way this is a classic pic!!

This is one of those truly amazing pictures. As if the artistry isn’t enough as it is,Richard Windsor loves mirrors being used in spanking,you can also see that the girl holding the whip has already been whipped herself. Are these two naughty girls switching and playing spanking games? Why they should both be spanked,the naughty little girls that they are 😉

I’m not much into bondage myself but I couldn’t pass this one up. What a cruel looking device we have here,designed to prevent any movement at all without causing excruciating pain to the back. The outfit of the Domme is exceptional as well.

What’s not to love here? Is this a landlady giving her lodger a spanking before bedtime? Okay,so the thing that really caught my eye in this pic was the girl’s panties…….. aren’t they delightful?

Now we enter the world of the masquerade ball. One lady equipped with a whip and the other equipped with a birch. Punishment perhaps for failure to wear a mask? Just the hint of the straddler’s bloomers puts this picture in the ‘A’class for me.

Yet another picture of intrigue that I can’t work out. Are they Cave women? Native Americans? Aztecs? Maybe someone out there has an idea who they are. That is some mean looking implement of correction though.

It’s wrong of me I know,but I can only think that she is saying one thing in this picture and that is this “I’ll give you a blow job if you promise not to whip me”:-). What a dapper looking gentleman though!!

The only reason for this picture is the unique position of the spankee,plus of course the curiosity of the girl lying on the floor. It is almost like she is trying to get a look at the spankee’s face to gauge how much the whipping really hurts,before she takes a turn herself.

Now we get Maternal for the next two pics. This first one I actually have a set of around 6 pictures from which I will post on the vintage site for my next update. Once again we have the use of a mirror and I think this is clearly an early twentieth century Mother spanking her naked daughter. It’s funny really,it almost appears that the girl has a tattoo on her lower back. This is one determined over the knee spanking though,and the ‘Mother’would appear to be all business and is fully aware of how to do what it is that she is doing.

I just don’t know where to start with this one,almost everything about it is perfect. The lighting,the furniture,the clothing,the position,even the implement of correction. When I first saw this it immediately came to my mind that this is the Madame of a bordello,punishing one of the ladies of the night. As great as the picture is I can’t seem to take my eyes off of the girls half stockings and shoes!! A simply exquisite photograph!!

And finally,because I never post anything related to the female dominant here,how about this picture? Again,it is just one tiny element that makes a picture for me,and in this one it is the bare thigh that you can see between the stocking top and the dress. I’ll wager a bet that there isn’t many men or women reading this who would relish the whipping that this lady could dish out. I have a feeling that this one would be ALL business!!

That’s the twelve pics as promised for you guys. If you feel like commenting on any one of them,or even on the group as a whole,then please do so. Your feedback is always a nice welcoming thing to see,I love to hear what people themselves think. Maybe you disagree with some of the visions that I have written about here and you have your own?

Richard Windsor.

7 comments to A creature of pure vision (12 Class A pics)

  • These are absolutely beautiful pictures,Rich!!


  • Thank you guys,I appreciate you both taking the time to comment!!

    Though somehow it didn’t surprise me that either of you would appreciate the quality of these pics,each for your own reasons 🙂

  • That one with the big screw thing holding her down is bordering on torture! Like it though.

    The funny thing with vintage spanking photos is that the tops are almost always positioned in the most inefficient place for delivering the best spanking –it seems more about posing for the camera,which is good in some respects but does make it hard for the scenes to appear believable.

  • Spankoguy

    Nice and vintage. Like good red wine.

    mmmmmmmmmmm…..red wine..

  • Anonymous

    I love the picture of the man in the top hat whipping the naughty women with her bloomers down. Most erotic.

  • I love the picture wtih the man who is wearing the top hat,whipping the bare bottom of the of the naughty lady. Most erotic.

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