Shirley Temple Spanked

Before I start with today’s post, I went ahead and created the new page, SPANKING SURVEYS. The surveys have started off very popular,  however, other than posting a summary of each survey on this site, I will keep the surveys on their own site. If people link in then I will link back,  but I’m not going to chase links for that site, I will just link it from my own sites. It will also be spam free other than my hot movies banner, because that one pays me really well 🙂

Now I wouldn’t normally post something like this for fear of wank merchants coming here in droves, but there is some historical information to go along with this pic so I am going to chance posting it. Of course if many people object to it then I may remove it as I have not posted something like this before. Just don’t complain when I am at work tomorrow because I won’t be able to do anything about it until I get home. So here goes. Attached you will find a newspaper clipping regarding Shirley Temple’s spanking on the set of the movie “Wee Willie Winkie”. The spanking was suggested by Shirley’s mother who made no bones about the fact that she spanked Shirley herself. June Lang then gives her 12 smacks, the director, John Ford gives her one, then Lang gives her another 12. So without further ado, here is a pic from the scene (which never made the movie) followed by the newspaper article. After the article you will find two more posed Shirley Temple spanking pics from “Kiss and Tell”. I do have other Shirley Temple spanking pics but they have no relevance to this post.


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