Adding To The Natalie Wood Collection

There are a lot of times where information on the Internet is misleading and there are times where spanking pics are mislabeled for whatever reason. Take the famous Natalie Wood spanking pic for instance,  for years it was titled  ‘The Burning Hills’. A few years ago I was conducting a search and it dawned on me,  the pic wasn’t from the burning hills at all,  it was actually from  ‘The Girl he left behind’. Since that time I am happy to report that it gets labeled correctly.

Which brings me to my point.

There have been two incidents of Natalie Wood spanking reports that have no verification. The first is that there is a long sought after spanking pic of Elvis spanking Natalie,  now even though I did in fact look,  I can pretty much assume that is a false report. It was just a fanciful assumption because we believe that Natalie was a spanko. The other,  and the one that there was no verification on,  though it could well have been true,  was that the famous spanking pic appeared in the December 1956 copy of  “Movie Stars Parade”.

Well guess what 🙂  I just purchased the copy of the December 1956 Movie Stars Parade and I can indeed confirm that the pic is in there. What’s more,  you can now all enjoy it for yourselves as I scanned the pics to share with you all. We have all seen the spanking pics and now I can show you how they appeared in the magazine,  for historical reference.


So that is yet another entry into the Natalie Wood spanking files. One could assume that there can be no more spanking pics of Natalie,  but I for one don’t believe it. There is still a search to find the pics that were taken on the set of the burning hills where Nick Adams showed up and gave her a spanking. Even if it is just one pic,  we still need to find a good copy of the pic shown below. Plus,  I also found a Natalie and Nick set today where they are frolicking. There was no spanking in any of the pics,  but the potential was there. One thing is for sure,  old Houndog will continue to search for Natalie Wood spanking pics. Here is the rest of the collection that I have made to date of Natalie getting spanked.


3 comments to Adding To The Natalie Wood Collection

  • NJSpank

    This is amazing Rich, thanks and I love these pictures, even to date I always had fantasy about, as a switch, being spanked by her as she was so beautiful and a lovely lap and of course spanking that beautiful bottom of hers. Great stuff

  • Fine work, Richard! It’s always good to get the history right. You’ve convinced me that Natalie Wood was a spanko, but I still maintain that we’ll never have positive proof since probably the only man who knows for sure, Robert Wagner, isn’t going to say.

  • ChardT

    I’ve heard stories for years that Natalie was a spanko. It doesn’t seem at all hard to believe. I’ve never seen the Nick Adams picture. I hope it’s out there somewhere. He was another sad Hollywood story. I always thought he was underrated as an actor and like Natalie he died tragically.


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