The Sunday Comics

It has been a while since I went through some of my folders on my external drive,  believe it or not but I have 75,000 picture files in the spanking folder,  enough pics to post for a lifetime, lol. The problem with that is that I have no idea where anything is,  so I start clicking on random folders kind of like a pot luck game. There are 25,000 files in the vintage folder alone.

Anyway,  when I was a kid,  come Sunday morning and Dad would always bring home the comics. Of course for me back then that always meant a plethora of spanking pics to find,  and almost every comic had at least one. So I thought for a change I would post a collection of comic book spanking pics for you. Many of these may have been seen on different blogs over the years,  I had to have found them somewhere,  but they are not labelled so where exactly they came from I don’t know. One of my hobbies is finding spanking pics so there is also a chance that I found these on mainstream sites. Anyway,  please enjoy the Sunday comics. They aren’t in any order,  they are posted as they are uploaded to my site. (Click each pic for the full sized version)

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  • The full-color version of the famous scene where The Phantom spanks the Marshall sisters is the treasure among these, Richard – nice find! The exact Sunday this appeared is still not known to me, but the year was certainly 1948.

  • Correction – thanks to this post, now I do know the date – 5/16. Thanks for settling this important historical question – really!

    Katy Keene spanked her little sis many times, but I’ve been uncertain about the issue numbers, so it was interesting to see Katy Keene #3 here. I’ll have to check to see whether this was an American or Canadian edition since it does not appear to be a British reprint.

  • They are all sooo adorable, thanks for posting. xoxo

  • NJSpank

    Thanks Rich, harkens me back to my days growing up and stashing any of the comic or cartoon spankings in the drawer, wow, grea stuff. Also helps me see a few panty spankings as well, miss the sitr. Never saw Kathy Keene but she is a nice lap and spanker.
    Thank you sir


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