Saturday Cartoons

I’m going through the process of sorting out my expansive miscellaneous folders so that I can group up spanking pics that wouldn’t ordinarily get posted. In fact some of the pics in the folders I have had around ten years.

Each blog has its own little forte so it is worth noting that if you are a lover of Cartoon/comic spanking then you should go to The Chicago Spanking Review for the largest collection of pics of this sort. The Web-Ed over there spends as much time researching his topics as I do with my Windsor’s Spanking Finds collection.

Tomorrow will be the usual Streetcar Sunday’s post,  but a little heads up for you,  Harry is going to be posting a bumper Men Are Like Streetcars post on SPANK STATEMENT tomorrow. If you have seen Harry’s work before he is like the master of stage spanking. He has only been posting for a little while now but his collection trumps mine is a big way. There are still pics that I find that he doesn’t have,  and as I said to him during the week,  while he may not have directly given me the pics that I have found,  he is certainly responsible to putting me in the right directions with his excellent descriptions of plays and authors.

The fact that he is also posting is especially pleasing for me as I have felt for the longest time that I was feeding other spanking sites their material with little acknowledgement of my doing so. Well with Harry now posting we can share supplying the spanking community with rare pics and for some strange reason that makes me want to share even more from my collection 🙂 All of the pics below were garnered from Ebay.

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  • Dan Rivera

    Hi again Richard… Of course I was thrilled to see your new “Streetcars” spanking pics, and download a few of them. If entertainment spankings were that plentiful in the 1950s, then we must be living in the wrong century! Wow! My thanks go to you, and of course to the mystery man “Harry” that actually found many of these.

    You presented the spanking pics by date, and when you got to 1970, you mentioned the “teen fashion” of the day. So yes, about that time the girls were wearing long pants instead of the party dresses Maudie had worn in other years.

    You know, as the world’s foremost (I think) lover of pretty legs, I am constantly scanning the ladies’ legs when they show them off, like in shorts or miniskirts. BUT — and it’s a big butt — my preference for pretty legs is immaterial, when we are discussing a play such as “Men Are Like Streetcars,” because no matter the year, the spankees’ legs are always covered up. I can enjoy looking at the pic from Prescott, AZ’s production even though Mazie Rice wore a pantsuit, because this is a squeaky clean play and no other production would reveal much in the way of gams.

    Again,Richard, thanks for always providing us with good spanking photos and pics.


  • NJSpank

    Great work, thanks


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