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This was something that I promised you yesterday. Dave Wolfe had posted a series of pics featuring the artist,Dean Yeagle. Now I love the work of Dean Yeagle,so much so that I am going to have a tattoo done featuring one of his drawings,which may happen next weekend.

At the moment I am writing a full length story which I hope to self publish,it is based on the “Laura’s Birthday Spanking”short story that I wrote. I have expanded the beginning and I anticipate a story which will be about 40,000 words in length. The basis of the story is already in my mind,but if you feel like adding a certain spanking or different characters into the story then fill out the survey at the bottom of  THIS LINK. Like I said,I know the direction I am taking,but I will also incorporate other ideas into the story.

Now then,I have a stack of Dean Yeagle drawings to choose from and I may even make a few posts of the coming months. None of these drawings have any spanking in them,but there is a certain innocence that gives me spanking thoughts. Indeed,Mandy may well be an inspiration for the Laura spanking story. Here are some pics that at the very least put spanking thoughts in my mind,even if Mandy is a good girl 😉

This first pic is perhaps the favorite for my next tattoo. I might redesign the clothes she is wearing,but this is the closest that I know of Dean Yeagle drawing a spanking pic. The color is enhanced slightly,but that sure looks like a spanked bottom that Mandy is cooling off on the ice.

As I mentioned,there was no Dean Yeagle spanking pic that I could find,but if you ask me,there is always a hint of it somewhere in these pics. Perhaps that is because I am viewing them with spanking colored glasses. I mean,seriously,what girl wears dropseat jammies if she isn’t getting a spanking? Or perhaps has just had one.

Mandy can pout with the best of them,would this get her out of a spanking though?

Mandy has also been known to wear outfits from time to time,here she is as a schoolgirl and a naughty cheerleader.

I can think of many stories for this next pic alone. Is this the babysitter who is making too much noise? Perhaps the girl next door,or who knows,maybe her Uncle is fed up with the racket.

Now if I had a choice of a tattoo,this one would come close to it. It was what first drew me to Dean Yeagle,me being the old Houndog an all. Unfortunately this tattoo wouldn’t be practical,but I can assure you that this pup would be begging if confronted with this image 😉

I know this isn’t normally what I would post,but Dave Wolfe inspired this post so please visit his blog to see his own wonderful drawings. I wonder if I could commission a drawing of Richard Windsor spanking Mandy 😉

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  • I was sadly unaware of Dean Yeagle’s masterful art until recently,and his work is wonderful,a potent combination of innocence and hotness. Amazed he apparently did not draw any otk material. . .

  • ChardT

    I know a bar tender that looks just like that.

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