Windsor Wednesday Classic – 255

You won’t need to listen to me blather on endlessly, you can read the text attached to the image for yourselves!

It is a new month so let me give it another shot to get some enthusiasm going and start posting regularly again. For now I am not very wordy, I have no more opinions to give regarding spanking, no more lifestyle anecdotes, I just have a wealth of pictures to still share with you all.

I got turned off by the lifestyle and I’m not sure if I will get it back. There is still hope though, I still have this desire to make one final spanking film. Hopefully my Youtube channel takes off and provides me with enough money to fund a spanking project. I’m not seeking a lot, just enough to fund a spanking film or two.

My goal would be to rent a beach house, hire a couple of models and a female top to work with them, and then put my plan into action. I will take part in some of the early action as an additional spanker, but the idea in my mind is that the guardian is mightily upset that her charges have brought shame to her by getting themselves spanked. She will then of course demonstrate a proper spanking to each girl.

It is a long way off, but I have these ideas floating around my mind. The main vision that I have in my mind is that the female top and myself will also narrate a story to add to the video. This is something that my friends introduced when they were making awesome spanking films, and I really loved the idea of narration to set up the spanking scenes. It will be a lot of work but it is that one thing that I still have left that excites me.

10 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 255

  1. Renting a beach house would be an expense. But hiring models seems a waste as so many women would be pleased to play.

    You should add a link to your YouTube channel as some of us have never heard of it.

  2. Bogey,

    The idea would be to sell the video which would require release forms to be filled out, my goal really wouldn’t be to make any money, just make enough back to pay for what I pay out of pocket 🙂 It isn’t a lucrative proposition, that’s for sure.

    My Youtube channel is a vanilla project that I keep separate from this blog. Not that I have any shame, I just don’t want to use the generosity of readers of this blog to promote my vanilla work. However, I am also very open so I am happy to share my channel if asked.


  3. Best of luck with your ideas, Rich, which I’m sure would include white nylon panties!

    I like the picture, she’s well positioned and I love the kicking heels. Now, he just needs to land a firm slap, and that’d improve the picture no end!

  4. Theo,

    Without a doubt it would, lol. I understand that the quality of the image isn’t the best but as you well know, as long as we can work out that a spanking is happening I couldn’t care less how bad the picture quality is 🙂


  5. Jim,

    I do feel good that it will happen one day. It might not be for a year or two but it is always nice to have something to look forward to. Spanking still exists in my little world, even if it is just a sliver of what it once was.


  6. Chross,

    Yes, I received your email. The link to your forum has always been active on this site, I never removed it, however, I just mentioned the new forum in my latest post as per your request to give your forum a plug on my website.


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