Ann-Margret Colorized

Yesterday I had a bit of spare time so I started to prepare for my end of year top ten of 2021. This is the annual list that I create of the top posts that were made in the previous year based on view count. That doesn’t mean that they were the most viewed posts on the website in 2021, but I restrict the list solely to posts that were actually created in 2021.

While we still have a week to go, some of the entries that will make the top ten this year are very pleasing to me. Normally my favorite posts don’t even make the top ten, lol, however this year there are several entries that did make it that I am particularly proud of.

One of the posts that I made in 2021 that is VERY high on the list of most viewed posts in 2021 is the post that I made where I colorized some old spanking pics. Now I do understand that there are some purists out there that are horrified by the thought of black and white images being colorized, however the proof is in the pudding and the post that I made was very popular. If you don’t like old photos being altered from their original state then I apologize in advance, this post probably isn’t for you. For those of you who don’t mind though, well two things really, firstly I am preparing a bumper post of colorized pics for the first week of January, and secondly, here is a little teaser of what is to come.

I took the famous Ann-Margret spanking photo where she is being spanked by her Uncle, and I colorized the sucker. Go ahead and let me know in the comments what you think of it. Other than some slight discoloration on her ankle, I quite like the colorized version!! In fact some of the ones that I have prepared for the new year are real corkers. So let me know your thoughts, do you like colorized photos? Or do you give it a pass and they aren’t for you?

10 thoughts on “Ann-Margret Colorized

  1. Fantastic! Too bad phone cameras didn’t exist back then, it looks like he’s giving her a pretty good smack, and she seems quite amused. At least she’s a red bottom if not yet a redhead!

  2. Hi, Imissed that post so just read it (looked at the pics) and i think that you’ve done a good job on them so I’m all for it.
    How did you it and with what program? Was it difficult, time-consuming?
    Colin xxx

  3. Warmhand,

    That’s what makes finding these rare images so much fun. Okay, not so much this one as it was in Life magazine, but you get the point. At doesn’t seem completely playful, does it? 😉


  4. Colin,

    There are a ton of free websites online where you simply upload the image and they colorize it for you. You might need to tone it down a bit when you get the image, but I find that these programs work really well. Of course I will always let people know when I colorize images, while others might try and pull the wool over peoples eyes and hide the fact that they colorized an image 😉 I have some beauties coming up that turned out really well.


  5. I am one of those that thinks colorized is the natural way because we are in color not black and white.Ann Margaret is a great spankee and this one was a favorite as it was one of the first I saw in mainstream media (Life magazine.) I also would like to know your review of West Side Story and how much I appreciate all you share with us.Thanks

  6. Jim,

    Thanks for your feedback, I am glad that you are enjoying the colorized pics. Just wait until the new year, I have some that have turned out really good. As for West Side Story, well firstly I have yet to see it, but secondly I will probably keep my thoughts to myself. It seems that the film is a trigger for right leaning folk, and I’m not here to discuss politics on my blog. There is a million places where these folks can, and quite often do, talk about their political leanings, I’m just not doing it on this blog.


  7. Colin,

    Haha, yes, that is indeed me in the pic 🙂 A lovely memory, thanks for linking it. I also wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.


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