Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 133

Back to the Quacks for me tomorrow 🙂 There is still no change in my left arm, intense pain throughout the night and no range of motion. It’s funny really, I can move my left hand up to my right shoulder, and bend the elbow to push my glasses up, but I can’t lift the arm up or sideways from the elbow up. I do have a new narrated story (vanilla) over on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL if you feel like checking it out.

The image this week is another new spanking find from the play ACT YOUR AGE. There is lots to love about this one, the spanking hand in motion, the body squirming all over the hand and a protective hand trying to reach back.

4 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 133

  1. Well done on your vanilla tour.your narrative of what had been in the theater and what it became was quite informative and well researched.very well done.I am glad you have survived the shingles attack as that is one of the most painful ailments on the planet and I hope you get full use of your arm back as well.the spanking pic is outstanding especially what you described as what you see in I correct that it looks like she is wearing a cowgirl hat.Thanks again for all you share and have created have a great day.

  2. What a great picture, Rich – all the blurriness simply adds to the feeling that we’re seeing a properly vigorous spanking, and indeed we may be!

  3. Jim,

    The Shingles isn’t over yet, that might take another week or two, the shoulder pain is ridiculous, lol. I’m heading back there today hopefully to get a cortisone shot. Yes, that is indeed a cowboy hat, which could make the image a “Monkey’s Uncle” spanking pic, however rest assured that it is from the play “Act your age”


  4. Theo,

    I do like to use the imagination from time to time and I do enjoy witnessing an ‘Active’ spanking. Some folks will be steadfast in being literal 100% of the time, stating perhaps “At absolutely no time would this be a ‘proper’ spanking”, unfortunately I think that these people miss out on the wonderful experience of an imaginative mind. Who knows, maybe she said beforehand “Make it a real one”:!!


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