Windsor Wednesday Classic – 261

Yesterday I finished with the pre-posting of all twenty posts that I have scheduled for the Birthday Bonanza series. Up until that begins next Tuesday I will probably keep posting every day because I don’t really need to take a break, because from next Tuesday I will effectively have twenty days off because the posts are already made.

Just as an aside, if you look at the popular posts on the right hand side there, you will see that the CARRY ON SPANKING post featuring Barbara Windsor getting spanked is doing very well. It makes me happy to see that. That list is my measure for judging how much people like each individual post.

Today I am excited to bring to you yet another brand spanking new image. This spanking scene has been posted before, in fact it has been ten years already since I made that post for my WINDSOR WEDNESDAY CLASSIC 32. Can you believe that? I have been posting the Wednesday Classic series for over ten years now, I had no idea that was the case.

Anyway, ten years on and I found a new version of the same spanking scene, only with one less cast member in the background and the spankee wearing a completely different outfit.

Being that the girl getting spanked is engaging in age play in the actual play, it is almost certain that the older posted pic represents what she wore in the play, and this new version is a rehearsal of that scene. It’s actually funny, the write up under the new image begins “The Navy shows its strength on other places besides the sea”, lol.

I hope that you all enjoy this fantastic new addition to the ACT YOUR AGE spanking folder.

Now how did I find the new image? This is also something worth sharing. The term “Act your age” is rather generic and brings up far more results that aren’t relevant than results that are relevant. So what I have learned to do is stick in an additional word when searching for images in newspaper archives. For example, for the ‘Carry On’ pic it was pointless searching for ‘Aladdin’ because that would throw up a million and one pages of no relevance. One term that was incredibly useful was the word “Scene”. Most images in newspaper that feature a spanking use the phrase “In a scene from the play” (or words to that effect) and then you combine that with another sub word, in the ‘Carry On’ case that word was ‘Twankey’, and Bob’s your uncle. A search for “Scene Twankey” threw up a plethora of images that could have been related to our scene. Hence why I was able to find so many spanking pics from local productions of Aladdin. When you are smart as well you also realize that ‘Twankey’ can be spelled ‘Twanky’, ‘Twankie’, ‘Twankee’, etc. Which likewise throws up brand new hits.

You have to remember that newspaper archives only display a tiny portion of a page in search results, so you have no idea if there is even an image present on the page without clicking on each page individually. Any trick that you can do to reduce the list of results will likely produce more of what you are looking for, and that is really important because searching archives is a painstakingly slow preocess.

Anyway, here is the original image to the scene above that I posted ten years ago, just so that you can do a side by side of the images.