Windsor Wednesday Classic – 244

What on earth is going on, the 8th day in a row that I have posted? You might get the impression that I am rather pleased with my recent haul of rare spanking pics. Today is no different, I bring you yet another vintage spanking pic that I have yet to see online anywhere. Doesn’t mean that it isn’t, It’s just that I haven’t seen it before until the day that I found it.

This image is from the stage play ACT YOUR AGE and you can click the highlighted link for other images from this play. This is like one of the original age play scenarios which had become very prevalent in the spanking community at the time that I left the active scene. It is the story of a 20 year old who dresses younger with good intentions in mind, but ends up getting spanked for it 🙂 What I especially love about this image is that you can see the spanking hand in motion.

Click anywhere on the image for the full sized version.