More Colorized Pics

The previous upload of colorized spanking pics was very popular on this site so why not dip into the well one more time and give you a few more? Before I begin though I do want to give you an update on my vanilla Youtube project.

As most of you are aware, back in August 2019 I started on a journey of building and creating a Youtube channel where I could share my passion for telling stories about New York City. The journey of course was long and hard, and it took me forever to reach one thousand subscribers, and even when I got there I was still woefully short on having four thousand public watch hours in order to get monetized.

Well I am happy to announce that last week I finally passed that magic number and I am now earning money on Youtube. You might laugh when I tell you this, but at the moment I am only earning on average 65 cents a day, lol. The thing is though, that is about two and a half times more than I expected to be earning in the first week. Even now it isn’t a sprint, it will still be a marathon, but I am on the road towards being self sufficient in life. I am 58 years old right now and the long term goal is to retire with my Youtube channel supplementing my earnings.

Do I think that it is attainable? Yes, I actually do!! There are benchmarks that I want to reach each year and the journey has just begun. Everything is very exciting right now and I have so many stories to tell. In fact my story today sees me pay a visit to an old neighborhood baseball stadium where the legendary Lou Gehrig once played.

Man has the journey been long though with lots of hard work and hours spent on this project. I didn’t even use this website to promote the channel either. In the first few weeks I would share videos, but then I stopped and decided to do it organically the old fashioned way.

Of course there were some hiccups along the way. I quickly found out that nobody could give a lick of interest for my Japanese videos, lol, and at one point in 2019 Youtube purged user accounts which resulted in me losing 350 subscribers, almost half of what I had at that point đŸ™‚

Anyway, I’m very excited regarding the future of my Youtube project. I have put so much hard work and effort into this for the last few years, so to actually see that daily earnings count rising each day has put a big smile on my face. Don’t get me wrong, I still need to improve, there is still a long way for me to go before I am presenting high quality video productions, but I have gotten better over the years and I keep improving each month. I will give you all another Youtube update at the end of the year.

Right, how about those colorized spanking pics that I jabbered on about? Some of them you can click on for a super sized version of the image. BTW the second image has my website address on it and well, I paid for the pic, so technically it does belong to me đŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “More Colorized Pics

  1. These pictures put me in mind of a certain thought that I have mused upon over the years. This thought is the relationship women have with their bottoms. It’s reasonably clear from these pictures that in the past women had a rather flirtatious relationship with their bottoms. Or rather they used them flirtatiously. In a sense they occupied a sort of sensual middle ground – not completely forbidden but not taken for granted either . I have no doubt that the women in the pictures had a strong understanding of the limits of play and clear demarcation lines. Incidentally probably so did the men.

    Contrast this with today when all that seems to be permitted is admiration from a distance and severe penalties for those who transgress.

    Having written this it is perhaps not completely true. In the gym I attend the women all wear attire which both accentuates and displays their bottoms. I am sure this is done deliberately even if only at a subconscious level. So there is still a sort of flirtatiousness though in an atmosphere that is repressive and sterile with the demarcation lines now set well back.

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