Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 67

I’ve just seen some thumbnail pics on an archive that has me thinking about dipping into my wallet. It will cost me $50 to get access but I am thinking that it will be worth it,  the three preview pics that I saw are pretty good spanking pics. The hope of course is that I can find another dozen or so while I am there  🙂

Don’t worry though,  I’m honest if for nothing else,  I make money from that movie link on the far right of this blog,  and whatever I make from that I use to pay for subscriptions to archives. So it is a win/win for everyone,  plus it is a hobby of mine.

The Sunday candid this week is a photo that I discovered two weeks ago. Now I have not seen this play by Jay Tobias mentioned before,  but that doesn’t mean that the other half dozen collectors don’t already have it. However I did also check multiple other productions of this play and found not a single additional spanking pic,  nor even a mention of it. So it is entirely possible that this photo is a one off added to the play. Harry over at MAINSTREAM SPANKING is our resident guru on spankings in plays,  so hopefully he can enlighten us. Jay Tobias also wrote DOTTY AND DAFFY so it wouldn’t be out of the realm for a spanking to take place.

So the play in question is INTRODUCIN’ SUSAN,  and this photo is from Rose Hill,  KS in 1954. This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS spanking folder.

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