Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 31

It’s so nice to have a long three day weekend, it might actually mean that I can not only post tomorrow but also prepare a couple of posts to post automatically while I am at work. It has been such a frustrating thing over the last year or so, finding any amount of spare time to devote to my blogs, and specifically to this one. There are times where I get envious that other people are able to blog so frequently because I just love to write and share my thoughts. Who knows, perhaps I can finally write a new story tomorrow, it has been so long since I wrote a new one.

The other reason that I have become more of a picture blog, well, I guess that is actually two-fold because I have such a great collection of rare pics to share, but the other reason is that I simply haven’t been active in the last year. Having gone to so many parties over a period of many years I found that the party scene stopped being fun for me. It was about a year ago that I decided that I needed to take a full break from the scene. Now I still keep in touch with the SSNY family, and my vanilla Facebook comprises of my old SSC friends who are primarily my friends in real life now anyway, and of course I exchange emails with people who write to me via my blog, so I’m not totally a hermit just yet. In other areas though I lost complete interest.

It is all self induced as well, completely in my own control. The same enjoyment at parties is still there, the excited people, the sense of being a part of something special and the great opportunities to play, along with the less desirable behaviors that you find in any setting. There will come a time where I will once more arrive at the part where everything about a spanking party is 100% positive and the things that I don’t enjoy are no longer of any importance.

It has been nine months since I last played if you can believe that, a joint birthday party that the SSNY organizers threw in the honor of three of us who share a birthday that weekend. The last person I played with also happened to be the first person I ever played with, Pixie. The first time that I got to use the gym shoe that the London Tanner sent me. In a couple of months time it will be the Boardwalk Badness Weekend so I’m sure by then I will be up for some play as it would have been nearly a year by that point since I last played. One thing that I am particularly looking forward to is reading a bedtime story to a bunch of girls in their pajamas. Just this week I bought a classic children’s book which is going to be ideal for those who have a  ‘little’ mindset.

Anyway, for those of you who love my picture collection it is time for this weeks rarity. This entry goes all the way back to 1949 and comes from the play  “A Mind Of Her Own”. I would recommend clicking the link below to the small archive that I have of pics from this play as this play produces some of the very best rare spanking pics.

Click this link for the A MIND OF HER OWN archive folder.

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