Windsor Wednesday Classic – 72

I’m on a bit of a posting blitz lately, and today I am really happy to bring what I hope is a new edition to stage play spankings. Now Harry is the ultimate authority in cataloging plays that have a spanking in it, and hopefully he can drag up something relating to this play.

Now to my knowledge there is no actual spanking in the play, I certainly looked at many other versions of it and found not a single spanking pic, so my guess is that this was a promo shot where one of the girls probably deserved a spanking but none was in the actual play.

The play in question is January Thaw and this pic is from 1956. Like I said, any other searches on this play came up empty in relation to spanking, but hopefully Harry can enlighten us as to whether or not a spanking actually does occur.

This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder where I share a potpourri of spankings from stage plays that I don’t have enough of to create a separate folder for them. Click on the link and take a look, there are quite a few plays in there and I have a whole folder full of various one off spankings in plays.

January Thaw 1956

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