Windsor Wednesday Classic – 68

I still owe you all a Kiss Me Kate spanking pic to round up last weeks Kiss Me Kate week. So for the Wednesday classic I will give you one more and then it will be back to posting pics from various plays for a while. In a month or two I will do another Kiss Me Kate spanking week.

Now on Friday I am going to come up with a special post for you all. Yesterday I was in my admin panel and by chance I happened to notice that the Kiss Me Kate part 5 post last week was the one thousandth post on this site. I’m not much of a number whore but that caught my eye so I thought why not post some of my highlights from the first 1,000 posts?

The stats for this site are spread over two accounts so I might look them up and put them together to see what the numbers are for the first 1,000 posts. I’m not sure if I have had a million visitors in the first seven years of this blog,  though I am sure it will be close. Now that isn’t the number of page hits that the site has got,  this is just visitors. In fact I will look it up now 🙂

Okay,  it was way more than I thought. The number of visitors to this site over seven and a half years is 2,162,907. I’m not going to add up the page hits,  but it is nice to see that over 2 million people have come to this site from all over the world.

So on Friday I will post my favorites,  probably starting with my favorite pic on this site. It might surprise you,  but I thought that it was such a unique find that it is my favorite simply because of the historical importance of it. I remember bidding on Ebay for it and then on the last day I had forgotten about it and I was outbid,  I really kicked myself for that one. You never know though,  it may show up on Ebay again one day.

Alright,  so the following pic will be added to my KISS ME KATE spanking folder,  check it out to see all of the unique pics that I have posted for you.

yoa 80

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