Windsor Wednesday Classic – 50

To celebrate the 50th post of the Wednesday classics I am going to give all of you readers a double dip today.

First up is a new play that I will be adding to the VARIOUS STAGE SPANKINGS folder when I get home from work tonight. The play is called “That Strange Feeling”and the pic is from 1946. I will provide a synopsis later tonight for this work.

The other pic is a promo shot for the play “Janie”. As far as we are aware there is no spanking in the play so this was a unique find from Will. As you will notice, Will’s name appears on the pic. Like the frustration that I go through each week, Will stopped adding pics to various places because his work was being taken and nobody acknowledged his efforts. On this site I have a folder entitled “WEBSITE CONTRIBUTIONS”where anybody who helps to contribute to the success of this site will have permanent recognition.

Finally, the Windsor’s Classics Forum has started to take off. Right now only four of us contribute pics in any form, Will, Harry, Murray and myself, but it is quite active with ‘Spankings in plays’information. You should check it out. As time goes on I will add all user contributions to their own section on this website.

That strange feeling 46Janie2

2 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic – 50

  • NJSpank

    First one looks serious,great pics,thanks

  • Harry

    Richard said:“Right now only four of us contribute pics in any form,Will,Harry,Murray and myself”

    In the interests of fairness,there are actually *five* people who have contributed ‘new’spanking pics to the excellent Windsor Classics Forum and they are:Will (14 photos to date),Richard (4 –not counting this blog!),spa089 (1),stickyriddle (2) and me (15). Tim the Tum will also be contributing what he finds when he is able to get to the library to follow up the information I gave him. Dan Eldorado has reposted two quite wellknown pictures in good quality and I have included a lot of oldies by way of illustration of discussion points.

    None of these contributions are negligible and it would be wrong to overlook the smaller ones,especially when there some readers of the forum who don’t contribute anything at all.

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