Windsor Wednesday Classic –28

Finally I managed to finish part 4 of my Vegas party reports. As today is the WEDNESDAY CLASSIC I will save the story until tomorrow, that will also allow me to sort out what pics I am going to post. Tomorrow though you will get pics of ellee, whose name is currently the number 2 tag on the entire site, second only to Men Are Like Streetcars, Lostkitten and Sara Fields.

This weeks’ Wednesday classic is actually an Ebay find, but it isn’t a pic that is easily found. While it has spanking in the title it doesn’t show up in the search, so I had to do a deeper search to discover this one. Here we have Victor Jory spanking Evelyn Venable in 1935’s Streamline Express. More free candy for the audience. This pic will be added to the WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS album.

Victor Jory spanks Evelyn Venable Streamline Express


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