Friday Frolic

As I have mentioned, Β my posts are going to be sporadic until I complete my move on May the 1st, Β at which time I will return in full. So for today here are a couple of pics from my collection of rarities. The first one I have in my Kiss Me Kate folder, Β but as it is from 1943 I have a feeling that it is a misplaced pic. While the second one is definitely from Kiss Me Kate where it would appear that Petruchio is getting in some extra practice πŸ™‚

I’m going to add these to my WINDSOR’S SUNDAY CANDIDS folder.

Cedar City Utah 1943Kenwood MD 97

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  • Both good pictures I haven’t seen before. The first one cannot be from 1943, though, as KMK did not hit Broadway until December 1948. The style of the onlooker’s jacket appears to place this photo much later, perhaps closer to 1973 than 1943. Apparently this was a community theater production.

    The second photo appears to be from a high school production, obviously a non-dress rehearsal, and the kids are sure having fun with the spanking scene! The spanker’s shirt and hair style again suggest the 1970’s.

    Good luck with your move!

  • Harry

    Men’s clothing styles are a notoriously unreliable guide to when a picture was taken, because they change so slowly. This is underlined by the fact that the previous commenter identified the second picture as being possibly from the 1970s when the filename itself indicates a date of 1997.

    The first picture can in fact be from 1943 if it is not Kiss Me Kate. It is a mistake to assume that any spanking scene featuring characters in Shakespearean costume must be KMK. This scene shows two characters in period costume watched by a third in modern dress. The girl is biting the man’s hand. There is at least one play that is a better match for those details than KMK, and that is My Dear Children, which was available for school production by 1943. That doesn’t mean it certainly is MDC, only that it might be.

  • steve

    best of luck with the move hope it all goes smoothly. With the quality of what you give us we can wait.

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