Video Interview With Dana Specht

It was posted earlier than I anticipated. Here is episode 4 of ‘The Spanking zone’ starring the one and only Ms. Dana Specht. Click the picture under the video to go directly to Dana’s site and please enjoy this video compliments of Dana and myself.


3 comments to Video Interview With Dana Specht

  • Excellent interview, Richard, Dana is a classy lady, meet her first time back in 1999.

  • Really enjoyed that. Not sure if it is better or worse for being on video rather than than podcast, both seem to have their merits and detraction’s but I have a sneaking suspicion that more people watched this than would have listened to a podcast simply because more people are used to using visually based media, in these times.


  • ron c

    Awesome talk, thanks Richard. She is one of the laps I would so like to be over and spanked.



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