A new mainstream spanking clip

This was one of those films that I would scan the paper for the TV schedule back in the 1970’s. It is only 4 playful swats given by Tom Skerritt to Robbie Lee,but it counts as a mainstream spanking clip in my eyes 🙂 I have yet to see this clip written about anywhere in the mainstream spanking world,so I hereby add said clip as a new discovery 😉

And just in case you have 10 minutes to spare,here is Michael Moore’s TV nation show on caning in English schools. Before watching it though,just know that episode 3 of ‘The Spanking Zone’is coming up this week.

Richard Windsor.

5 comments to A new mainstream spanking clip

  • You know,I have seen that clip with Tom S. and Robbie L…a couple of times. I think it was in Nu-West’s first compilation video,and probably in some other compilations I’ve seen.

    But you have cleared up one thing for me:Previously,I was told that the “spanking”(such as it is) was delivered by William Shatner. He’s in that film,too.

    But your much clearer clip verifies that the spanker is,indeed,Duke Forrest —er,I mean,Sheriff Jimmy Brock —er,I mean Tom Skerritt.

    Clears that up.


  • That is interesting,Dan. In all the years that I have studied spankings in the movies I have never once seen this one mentioned,let alone added as a part of a compilation video. Even a search of the Internet doesn’t turn this scene up anywhere in any list. This was one from my memory bank as a young man and I just recently acquired the film.

    Yes,Shatner is sat in the chair talking to Angie Dickinson,and I think anyone who sees it would clearly know that it is not Shatner giving the spanking. Mind you,had it been William Shatner giving the spanking it would have made the relevant lists and compilation videos a long time ago.

    Richard Windsor.

  • OMG,I love the Michael Moore one…He’s so serious and inquisitive too! 🙂

  • Steve (UK)

    I remember the Michael Moore clip when it was shown on TV over here.
    The ‘School Dinners’restaurant featured in a guide to eating out in London which I once showed to some work colleages. They were intreagued by the idea of getting caned by a ‘senior girl’if they didn’t eat all of their greens. I couldn’t persuade any of them to go for a meal there,though.

  • Dave Wolfe

    Thanks very much,Rich!

    I had caught this accidentally on TV once,sometime in the erly 80’s,but have never been able to find it since,on TV or at any video store! Don’t know why–they have “Big Bad Mama II”with Robert Culp,but not the FIRST one?!

    Anyway,I enjoyed seeing it again here,with Bill smiling at the kids’horseplay! Denny Crane grabbed many a butt,however I don’t recall any actual spanks?


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