Streetcar Sundays – 81

Any avid collector of rare spanking pics will know,  you keep your options open that if you find a bad copy of a spanking pic,  keep searching,  you never know when you will find a better copy of that photo. I’m one of those collectors,  hence why I share my finds with you all,  and I am forever searching archives whenever I get free time. And by archives I mean that I am normally searching libraries.

It is part of a thrill for me to find something new  (as in not taking it from another spanking blog)  so that I can share it with the spanking world.

Today’s offering I have posted before,  however,  today I struck gold and found a much better version of the same photo,  and if you click on the picture below from Minnetonka,  MN in 1953 the photo will open up into a very large,  detailed picture. It is rare in the fact that you can actually see the spanking hand in motion just as it is connecting with the bottom,  and you can also see a clear definition of the girl’s pained expression.

This will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking folder where I post all of my original finds.

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