Streetcar Sundays – 4

Seriously, I would probably be as happy as this guy was as well 🙂

This weeks MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS picture is from 1967 with a very happy lad spanking his co-star. I’m pretty sure this guy was never late to a rehearsal. This pic has been added to the Streetcars folder which you can access by clicking the highlighted text above. So far there are 14 pics in the folder and I have a ton more to come.

wy 67


2 comments to Streetcar Sundays – 4

  • Michael

    Richard–I’m always extremely delighted by these wonderful (extremely rare)pics…but even more amazed. WHERE are you finding all of this stuff! In any event,thanks a whole lot.

  • NJSpank

    Wonderful,he looks young but her bottom in that skirt is just amazing.

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