On My Way Home

The party is over and I am about to head home. Hopefully tonight I can catch up on the weekly pics. I might be offline for a couple of days while I move into my new apartment and get reconnected to the Internet. Hopefully this will keep you busy by listing the stories of mine you can read on this site. Just note that a lower case  ‘f’  signifies an older teen save for  ‘1979 – The First Spanking m/f’ which was my first real life experience. Feel free to leave me a comment about the stories and what you would like to see.

1 comment to On My Way Home

  • Tasha Hastings

    Richard, it was so good to finally spend some time with you at the party. You were awesome as our drama professor, and again as a prison guard. You left the most fantastic bruises on my upper arm, you could even see the individual fingertips! Loved it! Cant wait to see you again!


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