Sorority Spanking Sundays – 6

Pledge week hasn’t even started yet and already this Freshman is getting her bottom paddled. I love the way that this sorority believes in holding the girls hands so that she doesn’t reach back. I see a lot of spankings in this girls future. From Colorado in 1959.

4 comments to Sorority Spanking Sundays – 6

  • Another great photo 🙂
    I kind of doubt the sorority girls would willingly pose for the camera,whether the photo ran in the college paper or the town’s,if paddling was really part of the sorority’s Hell Week initiation for pledges.
    But I know that sort of hazing really happened back in the “Good Old’Days.”At the state university I attended in the early 1980s,a couple of sororities,and even more fraternities,were well known for giving their pledges paddle swats during Hell Week hazing.
    I hated the emphasis on fraternities and sororities at that school and transferred after one year.
    Though paddling of pledges is universally banned at American colleges and universities these days,I still see news reports from time to time of fraternities/sororities getting in trouble after getting caught paddling pledges.

  • Fred

    I would pay anything to see her skirt up.

  • NJSpank

    Paddling at sororoty and frats was fine until some idiots decided to take it to a new level,too bad,was fun back then.

  • This is one of the better vintage sorority paddling pics I have seen. Not only are they holding the pledge’s hands,they’ve got her positioned fairly well,with her knees straight and well bent-over. The paddler is standing too far back,though,which means the pledge will get it more on her left side instead of evenly across the target.

    Which brings me to Ron’s comment:I love (giving a) paddling myself,and I agree that it can be good clean fun “until some idiots decided to take it to a new level.”Exactly –1/2″thick wooden paddles (the fraternity-sorority “standard”was 22″long by 3 1/2″wide by 1/2″thick) are potent implements and must be used with care and intelligence,something that drunken frat boys and mean sorority girls were not known for. Their excesses caused all kinds of problems. Maybe the universities should have forced the kids to get a “paddling license”before being allowed to give swats.

    This picture has inspired me to go ahead and write an article on bad paddling and how to correct it.

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