Sorority Spanking Sundays –18

Unfortunately I never wrote down the name of the university for this pic, but it certainly looks like an active paddling 🙂


3 comments to Sorority Spanking Sundays –18

  • NJSpank

    Hey,she is adorable and with a nice beer in her hand….wow would love to meet her.
    Thanks,sorry computer issues but thanks.

  • js666

    My guess as to the date for this would be the mid-60s. (Earlier and at least some of the girls would be in skirts;later and they would all be wearing jeans and would have their hair down and straight.) This was the height of the “sexual revolution,”when the girls would be open to new ideas and sensations —but still mainly “girly,”rather than questioning their whole relationship with men,including anything that smacked of “submission.”

  • I think js666 is right about the timeline. The hairstyles are from that period and I think I see a pair of capri slacks in there. Our pledge should have been forced to straighten her knees,while the active is using a 3/4″thick paddle instead of the 1/2″“standard”. Another interesting historical piece,Richard,even without the name of the University.

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