5 Questions For 5 Tops - Question 2

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Question Number 2.

Who has made your naughty list and is likely to find themselves over your lap in 2012?

The London Tanner:

“It would be easier to name the young ladies who havent made my naughty list this year. So just for good measure I will spank them all. There is one young lady, Princess_Portia who would be on this list but by the time you all read it will have already been dealt with :-)”

Dana Specht:

“Definitely Yoni.  He has been such a naughty boy teasing and taunting me on FetLife with an almost “nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, you can’t catch me” attitude, that I feel I have no choice but to give him a bare bottom spanking when I see him next year.”

Mike Tanner:

“Unfortunately, my daughter, Jules is at the top of my naughty list.  She tries hard but has never ending ways of getting herself in trouble.  My niece Heather is back and uncle Mike has quite a lot of deferred spankings to deliver.  Missy is well overdue for a classic uncle Mike spanking and Sarah escaped a spanking at the last ssny party because she wasn’t feeling well (uncle mike is strict but compassionate)  My absolute best behaved niece, Maria, needs a reminder spanking right at the beginning of the year to remind her to continue to be a good example for the rest of the girls,  and Aurora never does anything to get in trouble so i’ll just spank her for the hell of it.  Pixie, don’t think i forgot about how you corrupted my innocent daughter with gobstoppers. The list actually goes on and on,  Ten is over due as is Trish, Sarah Rocks, Amber, Michele, Alona, Littlebrat, Red, Susan, Fran, Moonie, Leia Ann Woods, and Sass, you’ll all get yours in 2012″

Mike Stein:

“Let’s see……Kat.. bkb.. of course littlebrat and Fran.. did I mention Kat.. oh yes and Munchkin – she likes to stir the pot… cant forget Jules and Maria!!!…when I get to see her, Missy.. did I forget Kat..Parttimelondoner.. Clair.. Carrie.. Linda.. LR.. and one last naughty one, Playfullilbrat!!!!!  I’m sure there will be more!!!!!!!!”

Richard Windsor:

An actual naughty list, I can dig that, actual naughty girls. Sarah Fields, guess you did make the list after all. Munchkin, for her after hours tantrum. The Babysitter, for daring to say the Rangers’ suck. Amber Grey, for ignoring emails. Erica Scott, for being a grinch. Pixie, just cos. Cindy_NYC and Melodrama and Dotty, for making 6 of us stand in the freezing cold, forever. Kat, for playing hooky. Missy, for a tantrum email, she needs to be shown that we love her, and what better way than a spanking with the CB paddle. Pattimelondoner, for thinking that I am all talk.

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