The King Is Dead,Long Live The King

January 8,1935 – August 16,1977

Over on my vintage Facebook page I have been posting Elvis pics all day, and now I will go into the Windsor archives for the spanking pics for you guys 🙂

The first one is a pic that I own. When I purchased it the spanking world only had the watermarked copy to go on (Do I need to brag as to who found it?) and it bugged me so much that I payed $15 for it. The second one was also one that I discovered from one of my extensive searches, though I didn’t buy it. And the last one we all know and love. Enjoy 🙂

2 comments to The King Is Dead,Long Live The King

  • NJSpank


    Wonderful shots of just a classic otk spanking given to an beautiful lady,this one is just so hot. I love the first one,she is actually smiling,Elvis rules!

  • willjohn

    Tragically,the actress in the shot,Jenny Maxwell,did not even live as long as Elvis. She was 39 when she and her husband were murdered in a bungled robbery attempt as they were entering their apartment building in 1981.

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