1942 Birthday Spanking

This weekend I have been able to spend a little time so far researching my $75 purchase for some spanking pics. What I have turned up so far are 15 Men Are Like Streetcars spanking photos that were not in my collection before,  interestingly three of the fifteen I only got the information from my purchase,  I actually found the pictures elsewhere online using that info. A couple of the photos I have already posted before,  but what I have now are a second shot of the same spanking from a different angle or frame. I also get a couple of hours this morning to continue my search.

This birthday spanking photo of Ann Sheridan has long circulated spanking blogs,  but what I am able to add to the photo is the publication date,  June 21st and the name of the photographer who took the photo,  Madison Lacy,  a famous Hollywood photographer.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 116

So I said over the weekend that I was going to pay $50 for access to an online library,  well that didn’t work out as planned. Instead,  the material that I knew was there was actually in the premium tier,  lol,  so it ended up costing me $75!! It was worth it though,  I only got to search on Sunday but I managed to get a nice trove of pics on the initial search and now on the weekends I will be able to start doing deep searches. Managed to grab some great Men Are Like Streetcars pics. Being that I paid for the service I do hope that there is some courtesy shown should other sites decide to post my offerings,  but other than that I am happy to pay the money so that I can bring you this wonderful material.

My first photo is from Louisville,  KY in 1961. The details are in the caption.

This will be added to my KISS ME KATE folder.

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 67

I’ve just seen some thumbnail pics on an archive that has me thinking about dipping into my wallet. It will cost me $50 to get access but I am thinking that it will be worth it,  the three preview pics that I saw are pretty good spanking pics. The hope of course is that I can find another dozen or so while I am there  🙂

Don’t worry though,  I’m honest if for nothing else,  I make money from that movie link on the far right of this blog,  and whatever I make from that I use to pay for subscriptions to archives. So it is a win/win for everyone,  plus it is a hobby of mine.

The Sunday candid this week is a photo that I discovered two weeks ago. Now I have not seen this play by Jay Tobias mentioned before,  but that doesn’t mean that the other half dozen collectors don’t already have it. However I did also check multiple other productions of this play and found not a single additional spanking pic,  nor even a mention of it. So it is entirely possible that this photo is a one off added to the play. Harry over at MAINSTREAM SPANKING is our resident guru on spankings in plays,  so hopefully he can enlighten us. Jay Tobias also wrote DOTTY AND DAFFY so it wouldn’t be out of the realm for a spanking to take place.

So the play in question is INTRODUCIN’SUSAN,  and this photo is from Rose Hill,  KS in 1954. This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS spanking folder.

Friday Frolic

After the Boardwalk Badness party I started to type a NEW SPANKING STORY and was really excited to be back writing again. Obviously the direction of the story was left a bit open ended so that the readers could have some input. Well,  it’s just one of those things,  the story just wasn’t popular. I posted links over on Twitter and Fetlife and my two other blogs and in the last three days only a hundred people clicked on it,  that’s pretty piss poor,  lol. If I take into account the people who landed on the front page then the story was read over a thousand times,  and out of that thousand just 22 people offered feedback. That’s okay though,  it is not going to be the first unpopular post on this site and I doubt if it will be the last. The surprise for me was more that people normally come to this site to read my stories in droves. I think that it was the subject matter,  either that it was female/female or that it was mother/daughter,  one of them didn’t strike the right cords with people.

So what I will do instead I think is enhance the story and add extra parts and sell it on Amazon instead,  let Joe public suffer,  lol. I’ve been wanting to write stories in book format for a while now anyway so maybe this is a good enough reason to get them underway.

Tomorrow I am going to start a new feature,  another one that I have had plans to do for a while now,  promoting clipss4sale sites by independent creators. There is one clip in particular that features a long spanking over WHITE NYLON PANTIES so you know I am going to be all over that one like white on rice. This is from a person that I met at BBW last week so I am looking forward to it.

My pic today has a bloody annoying tape measure going through it,  but hopefully it is good enough that you at least get something from it. The drawing would be awesome if not for that tape measure. This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 115

I’m just back from the annual Boardwalk Badness party and like everyone else,  I have a serious case of sleep deprivation. One of the good parts about the post party is that on the bus ride home from Atlantic city I was able to write half a story on my phone. The story will be up in the next day or two and is inspired by a writer of spanking stories,  a real life spanking that I was the cameraman for,  and also from some feedback on the Story Survey.

Now for the Wednesday Spanking Classic this week,  we go back to the year of 1952 in Port Jervis,  NY for some senior superlatives. I have two copies of this spanking,  with each bringing something to the table. The first copy is a clearer copy of the spanking,  while the second one has more details about the participants.

Some observations as well. Bob has a mighty big hand going on there,  I have no doubt he would leave a lasting impression. Bob’s lap also seems big enough to hold a second girl if need be. Last observation,  why is there a full length mirror in from of Eleanor? Is there something we don’t know? Once this picture was taken,  did she have to watch a proper spanking,  her own!!? Let me know your thoughts.

These will be added to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES folder.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 114

Today I am leaving for the annual Boardwalk Badness Party,  which,  is going to be my only spanking party this year. I’m using my vacation time this year for a big two week trip to Japan during the winter. I will have my voice recorder with me and maybe a camera,  but I don’t have anything planned per se. Usually I do a spanking interview with Dana Specht but that isn’t able to happen this year.

My contribution this week for the Wednesday Classic is in my Ebay folder. Now I have it labelled differently than the others so it is possible that I got this from another site,  unlikely,  but possible. So if you have posted this before then please let me know and I will credit you for it.

This advertisement is from Argentina in 1946 and will be added to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album.

Sorting Through The Files

This weekend is going to be a busy one for me,  I have to put together the security schedule for BBW,  plan for my annual interview with Dana Specht,  I don’t even have a starting topic so if anyone has any ideas you can feel free to leave them here or email me at richardwindsor@richardwindsor.com .

I’ve also got to file my taxes and start to re-file all of my photo files. I’ve got literally 1000’s of photos and sometimes I find one in my archive where I had completely forgot that I had it. The photo below being one such file.

Time For Initiation

Okay,  so I made that up,  but part of what I enjoy doing is finding an old picture and trying to create a story behind it. So is it possible that three girls have already been through initiation and are now enjoying watching the new girl get a spanking as initiation for joining the gang?

I will add this to the WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder,  only because it fits the bill and that folder has dozens of awesome vintage spanking photos.

I’m going to try my hardest tomorrow to post the poll results for your spanking story ideas. So far I have an astonishing 816 replies to it. Now I would love to get to one thousand,  but the likelihood of doing that by tomorrow is slim,  but if you have anything to add then please by all means do so.

Assuming The Position

Yesterday I tried an interactive post,  but I should have known better so I deleted it. 🙂

It’s pictures that you want and it is pictures that you will get. Today’s picture goes back to the 1940’s,  and what’s the first thing that we notice? Clearly this lady knows the paddling position. Perhaps some memories of her sorority days came back to her as she adopts the position. Quite unfortunate that her paramour’s both seem to have found an adequate paddling device,  isn’t it?

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S PADDLINGS photo album.

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 66

About time that I posted something,  eh?

It probably won’t come as any surprise to anyone,  but I’m pretty sure that I have lost the spanking gene!! We’re not talking just a short respite where the interest wanes for a while,  at this current stage of my life I don’t even think about spanking anymore. There is no logical explanation for it. Is it my age? Sex Drive? Could it even be that I have been to so many parties now and played so many times,  that I have got to do everything that I wanted to do. In fact what I got out of spanking was 50 times more than I could have ever hoped.

It isn’t something that I can put down to parties though,  even if the dynamic has changed dramatically since I first started going to parties. Previously it wouldn’t matter what the dynamics were,  my interest was still there regardless of what else was going on,  so that is clearly not the reason. The only thing that I can think that would have an effect is that it is no longer new and exciting.

In regards to the blog,  that isn’t going anywhere. I’ve still got so much to share with you and while I know that my focus has been elsewhere,  I do promise to up my posting schedule. In fact today I am going to make a set of advance posts so that even if I am tied up there will be regular content posted on here.

So what does this mean to me? It’s quite simple really,  with the exception of BBW,  I’m going to skip going to parties this year. It is two fold really,  and not only my lack of desire in the spanking lifestyle,  but I also need my vacation time this year. I’ve always had this dream,  and this year it is going to come true. I’m putting two weeks aside and around Christmas time I am going to enable my dream,  I’m going to spend a two week period around the Christmas period by going to Tokyo,  Japan. It is something that I have always wanted to do and this year I am going to be doing it. More on that later though.

Anyway,  I know that you are not here to hear the thoughts of an ex spanko,  you are here for a spanking pic,  right?

The photo this week,  and I admit that it isn’t the clearest photo,  is from Ballard,  KY in 1957 from the school play  “Act Your Age”. This will be added to my ACT YOUR AGE spanking folder.

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