Read All About It

So what did my weekend entail? It was quite an exciting one to be honest with you, the newspaper site that I will occasionally pay an arm and a leg for to access for six months at a time, this weekend they ran a free promotion for Mother’s day where you could search the entire site for three days. Now you don’t get all the bells and whistles as you do with a subscription, but you get enough to use alternate methods to save the pictures. The weekend was highly successful!!

Yesterday I already gave you the Barbara Windsor spanking pic that I found, but here is a quick roundup of what else I got. There were a handful of Pantomime spankings that I found, mostly from the play, Aladdin, but also from a different play. I found two spanking images from plays that were unknown to me at the time that I found them. There is a movie spanking lobby picture which is new to me but I suspect exists elsewhere, plus a whole variety of images from charity fetes featuring St. Trinians outfits as well as other spankings from plays.

The best finds were three spankings from plays plus a fourth from Aladdin which unfortunately can’t be used. It was the best Aladdin pic but it is ruined by the cast surrounding the spanking and I can’t crop them out due to their close proximity.

There was a new Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic that I found on like page 37,000 or something like that, lol. It was one of those ones where the images had dried up in favor of text, but I decided to just keep plowing through in a tedious manner, and the I struck gold with an image that to my knowledge has not been seen before.

I also found an ‘Act Your Age’ pic representing a different angle to an already posted pic, which also features different outfits and one fewer cast members watching the spanking. It is the same spankee but she is wearing different outfits. Again, it is an awesome find.

Lastly, and perhaps the best one of the lot, is an image from the play ‘All American Family’. In this image the photo is taken from MY FAVORITE ANGLE, but the best part of all is the smile on the spankee’s face. It is one of those wide open mouth smiles like she is having a whale of a time. The same look also applies to the Streetcars pic above, yet another wide mouthed smile. The only problem with the ‘All American Family’ pic is that between the spanker’s raised hand and his head, there are two young faces yukking it up as the spanking is going on. It is the same problem as the best Aladdin pic that I can’t post, but at least in the All American Family one I can draw a big black bar down the middle to erase the faces, lol. It will ruin the pic somewhat, but in this instance I think that it will be worth it.

The best part about the last three images that I have talked about is the quality. As you are probably all aware of by now, newspaper spanking images can run from fair to absolutely piss poor. The three images above though are all of decent quality, at least as far as newspapers spankings go. The Streetcars pic is the worst because the girl is wearing black on the lower half so you can’t really see that part, but on the plus side it gives a silhouette of her bum which is clearly sticking way up. The Act Your Age pic is of decent quality, certainly good enough to pass, and of course the All American Family pic is of very good quality for a newspaper spanking image.

Somehow I have to bang all of these into posts while also finishing the birthday spanking bonanza of 20 consecutive daily posts. So far I have only pre-posted 6 of them so I have to pull my finger out to get the other 14 posted.

For today though I am posting a six pack of newspaper promotional ads that feature spankings. The first two were found over the weekend and the other four have been sat in my archive for years. Normally I think that six pictures is a bit too much in one post for people to appreciate them all individually, however in this instance they are all in the same theme so why not post them all together. I will add all six to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS folder.

So here are the six images without commentary, other than the Juke Joint image. That image is yet one more entry that I have made regarding that particular film. Rather than link to every post though, here is the SEARCH RESULT PAGE for all Juke Joint entries on my blog. This covers the actual studio image from the film, the lobby card, plus the video depicting the long hairbrush spanking being given over the panties.