There Appears To Have Been A Malfuntion

If you have visited this site in the last couple of days you would have noticed a critical error. The good news is that my host fixed it for me, but the bad news is that I only have a month before the change that caused the issue will be permanent. So I have to backup my website just in case a major error occurs. If my site goes down in four weeks time just know that I will be working in the background to try and fix it.

The image this week I have no earthly idea where I found it. I’m not one of these people who builds their own websites by taking globs and globs of spanking pics from other spanking websites, I prefer to build my own little corner of the spanking world by providing original material as much as I can. If I took a pic from another spanking website then I would be sure to mark the image as such because I have a code of ethics that I adhere to. As this image isn’t marked as such then it means that I found it on a non spanking source somewhere, quite likely on Ebay but I’m not certain.

Anyway, a bare bottom spanking pic is quite rare for this website, so enjoy it while you can. The location is apparently Fairplay, Colorado. I think that the going rate in today’s money has to be somewhere in the region of $150 – $300 an hour, right?

4 thoughts on “There Appears To Have Been A Malfuntion

  1. Quite an unusual picture and news story. Tell me, what state is “FA”?

    I think you are still having the same problem with your blog. The picture is being overlaid by the stories list.


  2. I think any fee is too high, considering I’d do it “pro bono” as a public service (if my wife would let me)

  3. Hermione, I have always had a problem with the Mobile plugin. What normally works on a phone is clicking on the title of the latest post, it will then take you to the Mobile version of the that post instead of the web version. For whatever reason I can’t keep the Mobile version on the main page. I’m going to see if I can come up with something by providing a link at the start of each new post.


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