3 thoughts on “Comics For A Saturday

  1. Thanks as always for the mention, Richard. Actually, you have two very good new finds here. First, the one from Popeye: although I have documented six other times Olive got spanked in the strip (two of them by her father Cole Oyl), this one appears to be new. It is the 18th spanking overall in this spank-friendly strip!

    Second, this is the first (and so far the only) known spanking in Casey Ruggles, so you have made history!

  2. Web-ed,

    As always my friend, it is just a code of ethics that I go by. Your website is the premier one for comic book spankings, so it is only fair that my readers have an opportunity to view your wonderful works. I am especially delighted to know that there are a couple of new entries amongst this collection, that makes me very happy. Feel free to use what you need to, I always enjoy sharing with a like minded individual. Whenever I find new material I always try and share the complete strip if I have it, it gives the image more context that way.


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