F/M Friday 51

One of the comments this week reminded me of the desire that I have had in the past to write a story featuring a community playhouse production of a play that features a spanking scene. In my mind I am setting the story in the 1950s and it would revolve around the main character finding ways to rehearse the spanking scene. Of course I would have to decide which play to choose, or perhaps I could take a film that includes spanking and write that as a community play instead. You know, something like Blue Hawaii πŸ˜‰

Also this week I received a request to swap links, something that hasn’t been requested of me in a long time. As I am always happy to swap links with a fellow spanking blogger, here is the new link to ROSIE REARS SPANKING COMICS.

The F/M spanking image this week that will be added to the F/M COLLECTION folder features a happy couple having some spanking good fun.