Windsor Wednesday Classic – 247

Thanks for the comments regarding the shoulder guys, I promise that I will respond to comments real soon. I’m still typing with one hand at the moment.

So I went to the health clinic today and found out that the problem I have is Shingles. The upper left side of my body is locked in place, I can move the elbow about 75 degrees and then the whole shoulder/upper chest moves with it as one, I believe the term is called ‘Frozen shoulder’. I’m not sure what the future prognosis is to be honest with you, I mean it doesn’t hurt anymore, I just don’t have any range of motion in that shoulder. They have given me a medication, but this is normally given post Shingles so I don’t know if it will help the shoulder or not. If push comes to shove then I think that I can adapt to it, though watching me in the shower is funny, lol. I have to use my non damaged arm to push the damaged arm up and then rest it on the window sill, from there I can use it as a lever so that I can wash that side of the body 🙂

Anyway, I will take the meds for ten days and then we will see from there.

For the spanking image this week, if you pay close attention it looks like this lady in the bathing suit isn’t the only one that got spanked 😉

4 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 247

  1. Nice pic, love that the shape of her bottom is highlighted by the angle. My question is, was the other lady already spanked, or is she anticipating being spanked, or is she wishing it were her getting spanked?

  2. Warmhand,

    I do have a picture of the other lady sat in the man’s lap, but obviously no spanking in that image. She is a very beautiful woman. I just like the fact that it “Seems” that she is rubbing her own bottom, lol.


  3. From my own experience the bad news about a frozen shoulder is that it takes a few months, the good news is that it passes.

    What a great picture! I wondered if the woman behind was touching her own in sympathy…

  4. Theo,

    I actually have a picture of the woman in the background sitting on the man’s lap, she is really beautiful. I’m hoping that the shoulder stabilizes long before it gets better, the pain is constantly intense.


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