Windsor Wednesday Classic – 228

Yes young man, dreams CAN come true!! It looks like the young lady is quite happy to oblige in this scenario, one wonders if it was a life changing moment for either of them. This will be added to my SENIOR SUPERLATIVES folder. These photos are particularly hard to find so click on the folder, virtually everything in it was first seen on this blog and I am particularly proud of my efforts with this album.

Yesterday I was looking in some known places trying to find an image for someone. This is a frequent request made of me, to try and locate long lost spanking pics for people. I currently have two people that I am trying to help. Anyway, while I was there I also checked a different folder for personal reasons and I found this one. Now it won’t mean much to any of you, but many times people have asked me about the WHITE NYLON PANTIES featured in my oldest spanking story THE FIRST TIME.

Now I have shared similar images before, but in conversations with people they have these varying ideas as to what style I meant, imagining things from the old Olga panties to fully transparent white knicks. These images capture my attention every time and remind me of that first spanking that I gave, and I also got a little bit sentimental thinking about some of the incredible spanking scenes that I have got to enact during my time in the scene. I’m really content and I have played with some really special people over the years who I will never forget. And I dare say that I will meet more in the future.

Okay, so my girlfriend at the time didn’t have her knockers out, and she wasn’t wearing stockings and suspenders, which I’m kind of thankful for because that image might well have finished me, lol. The one thing that she was wearing though was a pair of panties that were not too dissimilar to these. Images like this get me all the time and put me in my happy place. Click on the image for the larger size and to see them in all their glory 😉 Peace out everyone, look after each others backs out there.

6 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 228

  1. I love the senior spankings as they really are quite well positioned and they are smiling and it is nice to think that the girls at least had spent some time over the parental lapse well as being photographed getting a spanking.great find.Thanks

  2. I really liked the seniors having fun. I wondered if she’d just wriggled on a newly, erm, firm part of his anatomy! Great work, Richard.

  3. Theo,

    The poor lad probably couldn’t wait to get home that night, lol, I bet he developed quite the crush on her.


  4. Colin,

    Well, if they are brand new we wouldn’t want to ruin them, would we? Let’s be having them down 🙂


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