Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 123

Today we have a four on one spanking, and judging by the fact that they have dragged a chair out into the middle of a field it makes me think that these ladies want to give the whole neighborhood the treat of watching a birthday spanking. Now of course I don’t know if it is a birthday spanking, it could just be a PLAYFUL SPANKING where they all take turns going over the knee. I wonder if the neighbors decide to join in? Click on the image for the full sized version.

4 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 123

  1. Hi, I think its their back garden. If we look at the building behind them it looks like a prefab bungalow of the type they built after WW2 and the women could be European refugees hence the plainess of their clothes.
    Does the orogin of the photo offer any clues?

  2. Ron,

    It is quite unusual, isn’t it? I just love that they have taken a chair out into the middle of nowhere, lol. Hopefully they all took turns.


  3. Colin,

    Unfortunately there is nothing to go on, and even if there was it would be likely dubious at best 🙂 This is an Ebay image and all it says is that it is a “Lesbian spanking party”, though one would imagine that they are all likely heterosexual women. The seller is from Ohio, and as the ground in the image is flat then it is likely a Midwest photo, but that is all I have for it.


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