Paddle Your Own Canoe

As you can no doubt see I have changed up the theme of the website. Now it is early doors so I still have a ways to go with the tinkering, but this is going to be the format moving forward. The most notable thing is going to be for mobile users, the website will now be much more friendly to use for mobile users. Even when the mobile app isn’t working, the actual site will still display very well on your cell phones. The change has been forced due to upcoming hosting company changes so there is no looking back, this is what we have to move forward with.

The main change that I really want to make is the banner. The banner is now bigger than what I am used to, and while I made a new one yesterday I think that I want to make one that has more of a single color to it.

So what do you guys think? Do you like the new layout? Hopefully it is more pleasing to you guys who use your phones to view this site.