My Hometown

Full disclosure first,  the image in this post was first discovered  (to the best of my knowledge)  by Luther who posted a link on the old Chross spanking scouts forum. I just found the pic today and did an Internet search to make sure that the image hadn’t been shared on a spanking blog before,  and it was during that search that I saw that Luther had linked to the article. If anyone else has posted the image before then please let me know and I will be happy to link back to you.

For those of you who don’t know,  I was born and raised in a Town in England called Swindon. Even to this day I have an IFollow account where I watch the local football team play each week on a live Internet stream. Quite often I wonder if I am the only man in New York who watches a 4th division football team on a weekly basis. Spankos love their football and many of us follow the less glamorous English teams.

Myself – Swindon Town

John Osborne (AAA Spanking) – Plymouth Argyle

Stephen Lewis – Reading

Ophelia De Havilland – Southampton

In May of 1951 the local newspaper,  called The Evening Advertiser at the time,  ran this image on its front page. (Article here) The image features the actress,  Carol Marsh,  getting spanked by Roger Weldon in a rehearsal for the production of the play  “The girl who couldn’t quite”. As noted in the article itself,  Miss Marsh will be spanked by Mr. Weldon in every performance of the play. This will be added to my STAGE SPANKINGS album. Check the link out after you have finished reading this post,  there are some great images in that folder.

What is interesting is that the play took part at the Mechanic’s Institute. In Swindon the Mechanic’s is a building that has important significance to the local working class. In fact I used to personally play snooker there every week when I was a young man. I’m a part of a Swindon group and the Mechanic’s is spoken of frequently and due to its current abandoned state there is an ongoing movement to restore and preserve the building. Here is the current state of the theater portion of the Institute where Miss Marsh received numerous spankings.

What is even more ironic is that my brother lived 2 blocks from the Mechanic’s up until his death. When I went to bury him in 2018,  the day after the funeral I met up with a bunch of his friends and my old friends and we drank in a bar facing the run down Mechanic’s called The Glue Pot. I didn’t remember this article at the time,  had I done so then I would have certainly listened when I popped outside for a smoke for the ghostly sounds of Carol Marsh getting a spanking. I’m talking in a literal sense here as well,  the bar is on the other side of the street to the Mechanic’s.

Now then,  if you have made it this far then I also have a video from the movie version of  ‘The girl who couldn’t quite’. This video I uploaded nearly ten years ago and it features none other than Bill Owen,  the guy who played Compo is Last Of The Summer Wine,  spanking the delightful Elizabeth Henson.

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  1. Ron,

    The whole building (It is about a block long) is in dire disrepair. It reality it should probably be torn down.


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