Bumped From The Bonanza

Yesterday I told you that I had selected 60 pictures for the upcoming birthday bonanza, but things have changed already, lol. Today I found two wonderful spanking pics from a play, one of which has been posted on the Internet before, albeit in a heavily truncated form. As I have numerous pics from that play already in my archive, though I have never posted any of them and the oldest was download in December of 2012, lol, I will no doubt have a third image somewhere to add to them.

So the three images that I had selected from the play “People are Funny” have been bumped and replaced by the new selection.

Not to worry though, you are always going to get what I have regardless. Here is one of those images from the play “People are Funny”. This image will join the other three that I have already posted that can be found in the VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder.

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