Birthday Bonanza 10 – Non Traditional Implements

Are you enjoying the birthday spanking bonanza so far? Feel free to add your comments to any of the posts if you are. Today we are sharing some spankings featuring non traditional implements. In this case this means a spanking with a Ukulele, a set of Books and a Tennis Racket. This is what is upcoming, I have posts scheduled all the way to June the 14th and I can’t seem to slow down, lol.

You will see that the post on the 14th is blocked out. That’s because I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but it truly is an outstanding image, one of my best spanking discoveries to date.

In this first image, and I may be mistaken, but does it look like to you that someone ELSE also got a spanking? A two for one if you like πŸ˜‰

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