Richard Windsor’s Hard Hand

I don’t think that I have shared this video before of me, Richard Windsor, giving a hand spanking to a young lady by the name of Johanna Sullivan. Nothing over the top, just a good hard hand spanking. Unfortunately I don’t know which company owns the video but I am sure that it is on clips4sale somewhere.

6 thoughts on “Richard Windsor’s Hard Hand

  1. You lucky dog! I have spanked probably just shy of 50 women in my day, only two for disciplinary reasons, the rest for fun intended birthday spankings. Now, in my later days, I have learned that it is not as acceptable as once was, so I fear I’ll never reach 50. All those parties must have been so memorable for you. Thanks for sharing. A woman is never more beautiful, shy of pregnancy, than when she is being spanked, playfully or not! Just my opinion!

  2. Fatherjim,

    It is a little unfortunate that I have a great many pictures of spankings that I am not able to share. That is simply because I am no longer in touch with the other parties in the photos. I have strong ethics and moral character so I would never post a personal image without the express consent of the other party in the image. Perhaps the main priority that we should all make in the spanking world is to protect the privacy of others, so even when it comes to spanking stories (real life ones) I would not write one without the permission of my play partner.

    When one is at a spanking party for five days, it is not inconceivable to play with 50 women in a weekend. Now that isn’t something that I have done very often, I prefer custom tailored play sessions, however, I have also taken part in skits and events where, combined with the rest of the weekend play, anywhere between 50-100 playful spankings may occur. In fact I recall one event where I probably caned two dozen girls back to back, and that was followed by a skit where the guys dressed in uniforms for an hour and the women chose who they wanted to spank them.

    For a 15 year period I would go to anywhere between 3-5 spanking parties a year, so I couldn’t even begin to think of how many women I have played with. Even though I am at a stage where I think that I have outgrown the spanking party scene, I would highly recommend it to anyone. Spanking parties are a great place to meet people and engage in playful spankings. I may still go to smaller gatherings, and who knows, maybe in ten years time the spanking party dynamic will change once again. I’m not certain that it will, and maybe it shouldn’t, perhaps it is evolving into an environment that is inclusive to everyone.

    The one thing that I do see happening in the future is that spanking parties will begin to be tailored towards peoples personal play preferences. This may happen on a smaller scale but I can see (perhaps they already happen) people attending smaller parties with likeminded people from their chosen dynamic.


  3. pretty sure I downloaded the video from spankingonline. There’s also another one where you use implements

  4. sabbyjon,

    That is correct, the second part of the video involved implements. I also did a video with Christy Cutie right after this one, but that is a video that even I have never seen.


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